• 18 Sauce Noodle Black Bean with Vegetable Sauce plus  Udon
  • Rice bowl, with marinated meat and mixed vegetables

Korean Superette


Our Story

We prepare small side dishes (banchan), ready-to-eat meals, and essential Korean cooking ingredients for take-home use. Additionally, we serve simple and comforting food for our dine-in customers. A traditional Korean home-style meal includes a bowl of rice, soup, and banchan. The variety of banchan offers a fun array of choices, the experience of different flavor combinations, and a range of nutritional benefits. Our goal is to introduce home-style meals and prepared banchan to our customers for their daily healthy meals at home.

by phone(510)-529-4009

Open Daily

Sun-Thu:11am-9pm/ Fri-Sat:11am-10pm

1539 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707

For Our Family

We cook our food with love when we serve our family. You are our family.

Our life is busy and sometimes we don’t have enough time to eat healthy and nutritious meals. So we are preparing good meals for you, and our family members, for your health and happiness.

Bapsang Club

3 kinds of Banchan and 2 Entree to add fun and variation to your daily meals.